Last week, the cigar industry in the southeast lost one of its more popular people.   Nathan Saab was a cigar rep based in North Carolina.   Nathan died on January 24th as a result of injuries sustained in a car accident this past December 13th.

When I moved to North Carolina back in 2008, I’ve met Nathan on a few occasions.  I’ve found him friendly and sociable.   I did not know him as well as many of my friends.   I can tell you when the car accident occurred, shock waves were sent throughout the cigar community not just in North Carolina, but in the Southeast and beyond.   Nathan truly was a friend who touched a lot of people.  Chances are if you smoked a cigar in the Carolinas, Virginia, or Georgia –  you knew or met Nathan.

I’ve seen tributes on facebook from folks like Sam Leccia (Oliva),  Sean Williams (El Primer de Mundo), Albert Argenti, and a host of friends.

There is an auction online to help offset some of the costs that Nathan’s family has had to shoulder as a result of being in the hospital.  You can click here for more details.   Once again, the Cigar Community comes together like no other community does.

There is also a Memorial Service scheduled in Charlotte.  The link above for the auction has more details.   I’ll post them here as well:

Sunday Feb. 6th from 1-4pm 
Midtown Sundries University
Harris Blvd. and David Cox Rd.
3425 David Cox Rd.
Charlotte NC

Rest in Peace Nathan.