The CRA has put out three more petitions on tobacco legislation that is on the books.   These petitions are for the states of Minnesota, Florida, and New Mexico.   These petitions should only be signed if you are a resident of the state for which the petition is for.  While it is very important that we all pay attention to these things, these need support at the local level in order to show the legislators that it is their constituents that won’t put up with this nanny-state politics.

This is an affirmative position that we as cigar enthusiasts WANT PASSED.   In this petition,  there is a bill  that would allow smoking in restaurants that have attached bars and meet necessary separation from dining areas; that have a required level of ventilation.

If you are from Minnesota, click here to sign the petition SUPPORTING THIS BILL.

There is a bill on the table that would limit the Florida state “preemption clause” to indoor smoking bans, only.  The bad thing is that this would give local governments the right to to pass such limits on the enjoyment of cigars, outdoors.  Outdoor Smoking Ban proposals are becoming more and more common everyday.  It is important to send the legislators a message here indicating this is unacceptable and an infringement of our civil rights.

If you are from Florida, click here and encourage your representatives that this is unacceptable.

New Mexico
New Mexico has a bill that would result in a 114% increase on the tax of cigars.  The actual cigar tax would increase from 25% to 57%.  We all know what a catastrophic impact this could have on local retailers in New Mexico.  Just ask folks in New York…

If you are from New Mexico, click here and encourage your representatives that this is unacceptable.

Again, please only sign these petitions if you are residents of these states.