Yesterday, Alec Bradley put out a teaser on the social networks with a “big announcement”.    This morning CEO Alan Rubin unveiled a new corporate logo. 

Over the next few weeks, I envision a lot of talk on this.  This is typical with many corporate logo changes and there always is a period of adjustment.

Here is the press release below:

 New logo will emphasize the company’s direction and future   DANIA, FL – March 10, 2011 –

Alec Bradley Cigars is pleased to announce the debut of their new corporate look and feel.  The new Alec Bradley brand identity boasts a simple, yet easily identifiable logo exhibited by a strong monarchial red crest and four spired crown.  “Our new identity is dynamic,” said Alan Rubin, President and CEO of Alec Bradley Cigar Company. “As we evolve as a company, we feel there is an emotional disconnect between our traditional styled cigar lines and our current contemporary logo. Our new look is more identifiable to the consumer. 

For our company to build an emotional connection with cigar smokers worldwide, they must feel comfortable with who we are as a company and confident with where we are heading.  It is in this context that we feel our new look portrays more of who we are as we move forward.” 

The new logo will be displayed on the company’s corporate letterhead, as well as on Alec Bradley cigars packaging, promotional gear, & in store marketing materials. 
“Our focus groups have given us tremendous feedback,” added Rubin.  For more information on Alec Bradley products, visit Alec Bradley Cigars online at   

About Alec Bradley Cigars Founded by Alan Rubin in 1997, Alec Bradley Cigars has been acknowledged as one of the world’s leading producers of fine, handmade premium cigars.

Alec Bradley has received the cigar industry’s highest critical acclaim for its Family Blend, Maxx, Tempus, Select Cabinet Reserve, Vice Press and Prensado premium cigars.

Their commitment to satisfying cigar enthusiasts worldwide is demonstrated by their passion for excellence, creativity, and high quality standards. 

Alec Bradley Cigar Co.
3400 SW 26th Terrace, Suite A-1
Dania, Florida 33312

This replaces the old logo: