The CRA has issued a petition against California Bill 575 – a proposal that would issue a widespread tobacco ban.  They are calling on California and non-California residents to sign this.  A few weeks ago, I discussed what a nightmare this would be:

I pulled this right from the CRA communication.  There are specific instructions for residents in California as the CRA calls on you to contact your legislators


1. Please contact your member of the California Assembly and Senate (search by zip code) and tell them to SAY NO to Senate Bill 575.

2. Please sign the below petition.
  Click here.


1. Please sign the below petition.   Click here.

The SB 575  bill calls for a tobacco ban on: all retail tobacco businesses, private clubs, hotel lobbies, bars, taverns, banquet rooms, warehouse facilities, and employee break rooms.  This is basically a prohibition-like bill.

The bill is being proposed by two legislators – California State Senator Mark DeSaulniers, D-Walnut Creek, and Assembly Member and Chairman of the Majority Caucus, Jerry Hill, D-San Mateo.   This calls for statewide smoking bans that basically are the equivalent of prohibition.

This is serious here – everyone needs to fight this one.  It hurts your rights as a Cigar Enthusiast and it will hurt businesses throughout the state (both tobacco and non-tobacco retailers).  Please take action and don’t let the Pleasure Police win this one.