Christian Eiroa did an interview with Cigar Aficionado today where he announced the new Camacho Super Limitado.   By the name of the cigar – this will be a super limited series.

Eiroa has accumulated about 24 different blends since 1996 and has decided to release these to select retailers.   He is intending only to make about 6000 boxes for each of the blend releases.  He is targeting the first release to the original 40 customers of the Camacho Corojo blend.

This won’t be mass-marketed, but Eiroa truly is going to embrace the principle of Cigar Coop – “The Smoke, the craft, and the people”.  Eiroa will take a personal approach by  touring and hand delivering these boxes to  small groups of only about 20 to 25 people maximum..  He will talk more about the different blends as he is on his road show. 

The packaging concept is very unique.  This is not a cigar that will be sold individually, but by the box.  The box will contain 18 cigars and will be virtually air tight – complete with tissue paper that will almost create what he terms a “natural box-press”.   The box is sealed with four screws and will require a screwdriver to open.  The video in the link above showcases the boxes.

The first of the series will use what Eiroa calls the “Generoso” wrapper.  This was named after Eiroa’s  grandfather.  It was Eiroa’s father that worked on this tobacco through an experimental seed.  The experiment was not successful from a yield standpoint, but Eiroa feels this is a tobacco that developed great flavor.   The first release will be in Camacho’s trademark 11/18 perfecto size.  Unfortunately the video above does not showcase the cigar.

Eiroa describes the cigar as “complex”, but most important he boldly states in the interview, “this is the best cigar I ever made”.

Cigar Enthusiasts will most likely be very willing to try to get their hands on this cigar as I am sure this will be one of the most sought after cigars for years to come.