As folks know, being that I named the Avo LE10 my 2010 Cigar of the Year, the most anticipated release in my book as been the sequel – the Avo Limited Edition (Avo LE11).   It deserves a lot of attention in my book because it is the follow-on to the LE10.   This release is going to coincide with Avo Uvezian’s 85th birthday next week.   Today, Barry from “A Cigar Smoker’s Journal” published the official press release from the folks at Avo Cigars.

It is my thinking that we who publish cigar information sources always give credit to where the credit is due.   Therefore, I encourage everyone to go over and read the press release to get an idea of what we got to look forward to as I don’t want to steal any thunder here.   “A Cigar Smoker’s Journal” is at the top of cigar information sites and I know I learn from it

More importantly, I will make some plans for my review of the Avo LE11 in the next couple of weeks once I receive my shipment.   I can tell you from the first 10 weeks of the year, the new releases are already highly competitive, so it should be interesting if Avo can defend his Cigar Coop crown in 2011.