One thing as I have launched the Cigar Coop project is that I have gotten to meet a bunch of other Cigar Authors on the internet (and I use the word Authors, not bloggers).   For the most part, there has been a great fellowship that has developed among us.   We all try to do something a little different and that is what makes things most interesting.

GC Puffs is one of those Cigar Authors that I represents the spirit of friendship that has emerged among all of us.  GC’s style is perhaps the most unique of all of us – he paints a story with his review.  You really get a 3-dimensional vision of how he is enjoying his cigar.   So when GC reached out to me and asked me for a guest piece, I was pretty excited.   I wanted to give GC something a little different than a cigar review, so I opted to write a piece on cigar lounge etiquette.  The link below will take you to the piece.

I’d encourage everyone to read the piece over on GC Puffs and then follow along what he does.  I look forward to more collaboration with GC!