On Saturday morning April 2, the cigar world was greeted of the sad news of the passing of Gary Arzt.

As many know, Gary was associated with Miami Cigars. I did not know Gary at all, so it would be very unfair for me to comment on him.  I do know that was “shoot from the hip” and “say what’s on his mind” style is what endeared him to a lot of people.  H definitely seemed to epitomize my motto “The Smoke, the Craft, and the People”.

The social media circles were completely buzzed following his passing.  Gary also had a deep knowledge of this industry.   If you read the social media messages and thoughts about Gary, you would easily see that he touched a lot of people with his personality and knowledge.

 Just this past February, Gary was recently at the Great Smoke in West Palm Beach and ProCigar events in the Dominican Republic.  Shortly afterwords his health took a turn.

There are two links I can point people to:
1. A video interview with Gary Arzt, from the 2011 Great Smoke
2. A tribute on A Cigar Smoker’s Journal