Clint Aaron, President of 262 Cigars contacted a bunch of cigar reviewers/web-sites to give some updates into what is happening with his company for late this year, early next year.   I was honored when he pinged me to give some insights and has given the green light to share some information with others.

First up, 262 Cigars (formerly Revolution Cigars) was started by Aaron out of Virginia.   He currently has two blends in his line – the 262 Paradigm and the 262 Ideology.   The name “262” is symbolic of February, 1962 – when Kennedy signed the embargo against Cuba.  A few months ago, I posted a video in which Pierre Salinger discusses this.  (I always loved this story, but also became a Salinger fan when he covered the Tour De France for ABC back in 1989)

I’ve enjoyed both of these cigars, but have had the honor of meeting Clint Aaron.   When he was down in Charlotte visiting Outland Cigars, he discussed a lot of the passion of how he started his company.  I loved a story he told when he was on his patio (or porch – I forget which one), trying different blends and trying figure out what would go into the Paradigm (his first release).   This is a guy who loves the industry and demonstrates true passion.   This has been reflected in his products.

As I mentioned, Aaron was kind enough to give some of us some insights into what will be happening at 262 Cigars. The text from an email is transposed word for word:

I wanted to let you know what’s going on at 262 so you can be up to speed on things in this ever-changing industry.

We are working on a new blend right now, and it’s going to be something special.  I can’t release details on the name yet because we’re waiting to hear back about the trademark, but we’ll be launching our marketing campaign this summer for the blend.  It’s a very limited run cigar that will be available early 2012 to coincide with the 50 year anniversary of JFK signing the Embargo.  We’re also launching a new size (Corona) in the Ideology.  They will retail for $6.65 per cigar.

Stay tuned to Cigar Coop as I will provide updates to what is happening in the world of 262 Cigars.