Last year, one of the cigar companies that became one of the true revelations of the cigar industry was San Lotano cigars.  Upon sampling these cigars from IPCPR, this was one of the brands that I felt was truly on the rise.  In a lot of ways, this should be no surprise as this is AJ Fernandez’s company and he is the blender.   Two of the San Lotano Cigars placed in my Top 12 last year – and the third was an honorable mention.   With a year like that, the big question was – what would Fernandez and San Lotano due for an encore?

Clay Roberts from San Lotano,  put a blurb out into via twitter.   I don’t know much more about this than what is listed.  IPCPR is in July, so I’m sure that’s a typo – but we get what the point is.

Limited Edition cigars are now a part of the cigar industry.  It’s a great way to continue to build momentum with your brand.   It’s good to see San Lotano bringing this into their business model.

As always, we will be watching this more closely. Stay tuned for more details.