Over the past 18 months, La Sirena Cigars has really taken the cigar industry by storm.  For 2011, the #2 Cigar on Cigar Coop was the La Sirena.   This past week,  Miami Cigars (who makes La Sirena) announced a new blend to join the La Sirena family called the Merlion.  As timing would have it, Arielle Ditkowich, brand manager for La Sirena  was in Charlotte North Carolina for a May 10, 2012 event at Outland Cigars.  I had the opportunity to team up with Take 5’s Stace Berkland as we had a chance to have about a 16 minute conversation with Arielle.

In this conversation we get to learn more about Arielle’s background, including her roots with her father’s retail shop in New York.  Arielle provides some great insight into the La Sirena brand from the beginning to the near future.   The conversation was done in a unique location as we used a mobile cigar lounge courtesy of Event Cigars that was located outside of the event.

We’d like to thank both Outland Cigars and Event Cigars for the use of their facilities to have this conversation.  Special thanks to Matt Shugart of Miami Cigars for handling the logistics, and of course Arielle Ditkowich for her time.