The Papsa Fritas will be a new cigar blend in the Drew Estate family. The blend has its roots in the Liga Privada family in that it leverages trimmings from the Liga Privada line.

Drew Estate president, Steve Saka compared it when beef companies utilize a cow. When a cow is purchased, much of the cow is used to produce different cuts of meat. This minimizes what ends up not going unused from the cow. In a similar analogy, there is a lot of Liga Privada tobacco that ends up going unused in the current Liga Privada family. The Papas Fritas blend will leverage some of that unused tobacco.

The name Papas Fritas is often used to refer to French fries. This happens to be a favorite food of Saka’s.

The cigar is being targeted for a release later this year. No specifics of the wrapper, binder, and filler have been mentioned – other than the tobacco comes from Liga Privada. No information on specific vitolas is available at this time.