Date: June
5, 2012      
“The cigar community waits with
anticipation as this unique brand hits the US”
(Miami, Florida) June 5, 2012— Dona Flor Cigars, manufactured
by Menendez Amerino which is celebrating 35 years in existence, is ready
to share its Brazilian cigars with the U.S. market. Dona Flor, which features
cigars with 100% Brazilian tobacco, expects to fill a void in the North
American market with its unique and exotic blends.
Flor is at its finest, a combination of the best cigar minds to come out of
Cuba, and the exotic natural resources in Brazil that produces “Brazil’s dark
treasure” the Mata Fina tobacco. Manufactured in the state of Bahia located in
northeast Brazil, Dona Flor Cigars are the result of the collaboration between
Cuban cigar maker Felix Menendez
(who had been involved in the making of famous Cuban brands Montecristo and H.
Upmann in the pre-Castro era) and Brazilian tobacco grower Mario Amerino. Now being brought to the United States via Chris Edge owner of Dona Flor U.S.A.,
cigar enthusiasts will now have the opportunity to savor the cigar industries
best kept secret: Dona Flor Cigars.
Dona Flor made an attempt to distribute its
award-winning blend to the U.S. market in 2005 but legal issues (which have now
been resolved) kept the Dona Flor brand off the shelves in the U.S. until now.
Chris Edge, a cigar enthusiast and successful business man from Denver,
Colorado was handpicked by Menendez and Amerino to carry out the mission of
exposing the Brazil’s finest cigars to North America.
“Because of the quality and unique flavor of Brazilian
tobacco we will be able to establish Dona Flor cigars as the ultimate Brazilian
cigar. Brazilian cigars or Brazilian tobacco in general are an unknown treasure
here in the US.  Brazilian tobacco has
been a crucial part of infamous cigars for decades, but all of the glory has
gone to the country of manufacture, not the country of origin,” said Chris
in Orlando will be the platform for the unveiling of Dona Flor cigars which
have garnered ratings from Cigar
Aficionado Magazine
of 92, 89, and 88. Dona Flor’s cigars are 100% “puro”
with filler, binder, and wrapper all grown in Bahia which makes the final
product one of the most unique and flavorful premium cigars in the world.
Chris Edge, owner of Dona Flor USA
Dona Flor USA/ / 877.321.5569 /

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