Liga Privada Papas Fritas -directly  linked from
Steve Saka’s Facebook page

Drew Estate President Steve Saka posted a picture of the forthcoming Liga Privada Papas Fritas as well as some information on his Facebook page.   This was a cigar we provided some preliminary information for back in May.

On his facebook page, Saka wrote:

4.5 x 44 Tripa Corta (Short
Fill) BUT this is NOT your father’s short fill – it is made exclusively
of 2nd cuts of No. 9 capa and is filled entirely with the table
trimmings from the production of all the other LP cigars being made. We
actually hand sort the tuck and chaveta
cuts by pieces into their original leaf varieties and thicknesses and
then create their exact filler blend from scratch. And like all LP, we
only allow our best pairs to handcraft them. To my knowledge no one has
ever done this before – the result is a rich, super consistent petite
corona that provides a 40 minute smoke and even holds an inch plus ash –
will be packed in 4-ct tins – MSRP $23.95 – the name stems from my fat
guy love for French Fries and just as I can’t eat just one, I can’t stop
myself from smoking these…

Saka indicated this will be initially available to Liga Privada Appointed Merchants.   Saka mentioned this would make its debut at IPCPR with a plan for a mid-September launch.