(Miami, FL) July 26th, 2012: Torano Family Cigar Company is excited to introduce three new releases at the 2012 IPCPR in Orlando.  The three new cigars are in addition to, and come on the heels of, the recent successful launch of the Master Maduro.

The first new release is called Salutem.  Salutem is packaged in a unique 12 count box.  The cigar is dressed in a beautiful Habano Ecuador wrapper, complemented by a binder from Jalapa, Nicaragua and completed with filler tobacco from the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, and Cameroon. While Torano blends have featured tobacco from Cameroon in the past, this is the first time Cameroon has been a component of the filler, giving Salutem a distinctive, rich cocoa flavor.

Salutem, which is actually a Latin term used when extending a friendly greeting, is a medium bodied, complex blend exhibiting balanced notes of earth, cocoa and spicy pepper with interesting aged cedar and leather flavors present on the long finish. Salutem is inspired by the character and strong will of those who overcome great challenges and adversity.  Salutem represents a celebration of life and raises a toast to all those who live life to the fullest.

The Torano Family also proudly announces the launch of its new LFC line.  The LFC is a 4.25 x 60 line extension to four of Torano’s most popular blends.  The family chose the Loyal, Master,Exodus 1959 – 50 Years, and Vault to be featured in this new line.  The cigars will be housed in a custom designed Torano Family display. One display will feature all four brands in the new 4.25 x 60 size.

By popular demand, the Torano Family has created the 90+ Rated Collection pack which will feature Torano blends that have garnered a coveted 90+ rating from worldwide cigar publications. This highly rated group of cigars comes in a beautiful cedar pack of 6 x 50 Toros.

“This IPCPR is the most ambitious to date regarding new releases for Torano.  We have been hard at work for many years to offer a diversity of flavors and packaging to our consumers and it’s exciting to get them to the market,” says Charlie Torano, President of Torano Family Cigar Company.

A leader in the cigar industry, Torano Family Cigar Company is a four generation company currently based in Miami, FL. It enjoys a rich heritage and history in tobacco growing and manufacturing. For more information: http://www.torano.com/. Please also follow Torano on Face book: Torano A Family Cigar Company or on Twitter: @TORANOFAMCIGAR

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