Today, we launch a series of “Cigar Conversations” as a part of our 2012 IPCPR Trade Show coverage.  These are folks who might be cigar makers, industry professionals, celebrities, or even a combination of both.  It was tough to get to talk to everyone, and we apologize to those folks we were unable to talk to.  We hope you enjoy this series.

While we will publish the videos in the order they were filmed, this is the only one we are doing out of order, and that is because of some timely information mentioned in this video.

This cigar conversation is with J. Glynn Loope, the Executive Director of Cigar Rights of America.   Since taking over the Executive Director’s position, I’d categorize Mr. Loope’s performance as hard-working, passionate, and truly patriotic.  I’m sure I speak for just about every cigar enthusiast when I say we are in good hands with Glynn Loope in the leadership position of CRA.

Glynn was kind enough to take a few minutes for a cigar conversation.   In this conversation,  Glynn gives us an update on the status of HR 1639 and S 1461 – the bills to exempt the premium cigar industry from FDA control.  It is important to know that it was at the 2012 IPCPR Trade Show, where we achieved a working majority of co-sponsors in the U.S. House of Representatives for HR 1639.   We will also get an idea in terms of what next steps are now that this working majority has been achieved.  Glynn will also give us an update on the White House Petition against the FDA.

Glynn also mentions the importance of keeping cigar rights in mind when we go to the voting booth this fall.

Finally, Glynn talks a little about an exciting new celebrity endorsement program for Cigar Rights of America – and gives us a preview to whom one of the celebrity endorsers is.