La Gloria Cubana Sanson

The La Gloria Cubana Sanson is an 8 x 60 limited production cigar targeted for General Cigar retailers in the southeast United States.

According to Victoria McKee of General Cigar, the blend for the Sanson was one of the blends that was developed for the La Gloria Cubana Trunk Show Twenty Twelve series.  The blend was one of the final three blends.  While the other two blends were selected for the Liga LR-1 and Liga YG-23 releases, General Cigar liked this third blend so much they decide to do a small batch.

The cigars were released to brick and mortar retailers in the southeast and only 300 boxes were made.

A comment from General Cigar in regards to the release, ” For
the true La Gloria Cubana fan, or for any lover of the leaf, this is a
great opportunity to purchase a truly limited edition offering that
showcases the artistry of La Gloria Cubana, and their ability to bring
boutique innovation to retailers and consumers.”

Blend Profile

There were no details of the blend disclosed at this time.

Vitolas Avalable

The Sanson is available in one size – an 8 x 60.   The cigars are packaged 10 per box.  SRP is $8.00 per cigar or $80.00 per box.