Over the past week, a new release by the La Gloria Cubana brand of General Cigar Company has begun appearing at retailers nationwide.  The release has been done under a cloud of mystery.  The cigar is a large 8 x 60 cigar known as the La Gloria Cubana Bella Dama – which translates to “beautiful lady”.

The reports are that this is another small batch project being done by La Gloria Cubana.  Initial reports have this cigar arriving at Northeastern U.S. retailers, but we’ve seen one retailer as far west as Illinois reporting availability of this cigar.

Over the past year, La Gloria Cubana has been adopting more of a small-batch, limited release trend.  This started at the 2012 IPCPR with the announcement of the small batch Trunk Show Twenty Twelve LR-1 and YG-23 releases.  This continued late into 2012 and into 2013 with several regional releases including the La Gloria Cubana Gorda Gorda (West), the Rabito de Cochito ADP6 (West),  the La Gloria Cubana Piramide Supra (Northeast), and the La Gloria Cubana Sanson (Southeast).  With the regional releases, they were all done without fanfare and announcements.  The La Gloria Cubana Bella Dona joins the likes of these cigars being released under the radar.

There are no reports of the production numbers.

Blend Profile

There have been no official reports of the blend disclosed.

Vitolas Available

We do know the cigar is an 8 x 60 and is available in boxes of ten.