Orlando, FL (April 23, 2013) – Fred Rewey, founder and president of Nomad Cigar Company, formally announced the introduction of a Nicaraguan blended cigar to the Nomad family. The Nomad Esteli LE Lot 1386 will be released in July at IPCPR with future blends later in the year. 

Until now, Nomad’s entire production has been limited to Dominican Republic. The move of expanding the line to include Nicaraguan tobacco seemed a natural one. 
In keeping in line with Nomad’s philosophy, the release will have a few “twists.”   

Nomad Esteli LE Lot 1386, will be limited to 307 (12 count) boxes. 
The box count is Nomad’s tribute to the approximate square miles of Esteli. The reason behind the lot number is a bit more secretive. 
When asked about the release, Fred added… “Take one look at the foundation of the town of Esteli, Nicaragua and you can understand why some of the best tobacco blenders in the world come to this small town. 

For me, the tobacco grown here was a newfound playground. 
When I launched Nomad I wanted the company to be like its namesake. I figured I would wander where I needed to create the type of cigar I was going for. 

It was a simple fact I would end up in Nicaragua sooner rather than later. This [first] cigar is the result of that very endeavor. 

The Nomad Esteli LE was limited to a production of 307 boxes.  I chose “307” because it is the approximate area (in miles) of this rich area. 

I chose “Lot 1386” by also paying homage to the region  – How exactly I will leave to those who speculate the topic over a cigar. 

The town of Esteli was easy to love. The culture, the people, the tobacco. I hope that my initial plunge into a Nicaraguan blend can pay them some small form of the respect and honor they have so earned.” 

Source: This press release was sent to Cigar Coop via Nomad Cigar Company. Cigar Coop will post press releases as a free service to all cigar companies that choose to send Cigar Coop information to share.