Gravitas by Gramercy
(Photo Credit Gramercy Cigars Facebook Page)

The Gravitas is a initial cigar launched by a new company called Gramercy Cigars.  The cigar will be made in Esteli, Nicaragua at the Tabacalera Carreras factory. The launch of the cigar appears to be a gradual one as it is debuting in select markets around the U.S.  Information on this launch was received in a press release sent to Cigar Coop.

Gramercy cigars was founded this past year by a gentleman named Ryan Kohl.  Kohl launched the company to pay homage to his father Ed Kohl, who had made a name for himself in the Scotch industry.   In the press release, Kohl said:  “I remember my
grandfather teaching me about Scotch at a young age. I was always
fascinated by the processes and the camaraderie in the Scotch
industry.  I wanted to create
something special that I could share with my grandfather. He’s
been a great inspiration to me, and this is the least I could do.
There’s not a greater feeling than having a dram of Scotch, a
cigar, and a great conversation with my grandfather.”

Keeping true to the company’s ties to the Scotch industry, the Gravitas was blended in mind to pair it with Scotch Whiskey. 

“At a glance”, here is a preview of this cigar line:

Blend Profile

The Gravitas will feature tobaccos from three countries:

Wrapper: Brazilian Mata Fina
Binder: Condega (Nicaraguan)
Filler: Esteli (Nicaraguan), Trojes (Honduras)

Vitolas Available

The Gravitas is being launched in three sizes.  Specific dimensions were not disclosed at this time.