Bodega Premium Blends has officially announced the launch of its first line of cigars, Reunion.  The Reunion will feature two blends, Aperitivo and Digestivo.  Both blends will be packaged together in boxes of 20. Reunion will arrive in the United States in December and be available shortly after that.  

At the 2013 IPCPR Trade Show, it was announced that Bodega Premium Blends would become the eighth company to be distributed by Gary Griffith’s House of Emilio Arm. The Reunion was announced at that time, but it was only now when specifics of the line were disclosed. In that announcement it was mentioned how the Reunion line that would have a theme of fellowship, gathering, connectedness, and friendship.
In a press release issued by the company, Chief Brand Officer Ron Plante said, “After a two year long journey of tasting, excluding, qualifying and re-qualifying Blends, we couldn’t be happier with the final product.”
CEO Gino Domanico added, “I can’t believe we’ve finally arrived. It’s the pinnacle of our journey. We believe in our concept, we believe in our product and it’s our way of giving back to our brotherhood.”
At a glance here is a look at the Reunion Aperitivo and Digestivo:
Blend Profile
The Aperitivo is described as a “Nica Claro”.  It is a proprietary Nicaraguan blend with a Jalapa Habana wrapper.  It is positioned as a medium strength, medium-bodied cigar.  It’s flavor profile is described as containing black pepper, earth, and barnyard notes.
This cigar contains a San Andres Negro wrapper with Nicaraguan binder and filler. It is positioned as a more full-bodied cigar.
Vitolas Available
The Reunion will be packaged in boxes of 20.  Each box will contain 10 Aperitivo and 10 Digestivo cigars.  Our friends at Cigar Federation broke news on the box design.  The cigar is being launched in three sizes:
Toro: 6 x 52
Robusto: 5 x 54
Gorda: 5 1/2 x 46