Romeo y Julieta Clasicos

Illinois-based distributor, Arango Cigar Company is adding a third line to its Clasicos series.  The company announced that it will now be releasing the Romeo y Julieta Clasicos line – a line that will be exclusive for Arango offered only to Brick and Mortar shops.  The Romeo y Julieta by Altadis USA joins the Macanudo Clasicos and Punch Clasicos – both introduced in 2013 as exclusives to Arango from General Cigar.

The Romeo y Julieta line features a natural Indoensian wrapper.  It is available in four sizes – each paying homage to the Chicagoland area: Mag Mile (5-1/2 x 44), Windy City (5 x 50), Bucktown (6-1/8 x 52, Belicoso) and Gold Coast (6 x 60).  These four frontmarks are consistent with the names and sizes released in the Macanudo and Punch Clasios line.  The cigars will be priced from $6.75 to $8.40

In announcing the Romeo y Julieta Clasicos, Arango Cigar Company President Michael Gold said, “We are pleased to include Romeo & Julieta as the most recent addition in our new ‘Clasico’ series of premium cigars.  Romeo y Julieta Clasicos are a product of Altadis USA, Inc.  The original two Clasicos are patterned after General Cigar Company’s top-selling Macanudo and Punch brands.  We now offer Clasicos in a wide range of smooth to fuller-bodied flavor profiles to suit all palates.”