In a weekly newsletter that is sent to the company’s consumer base, Nomad Cigar Company President Fred Rewey discussed some initial details on what is his next project.  Rewey said that the cigar is tentatively being titled the Nomad C-276.

In the newsletter Rewey said:

 “I just finalized a blend nicknamed “Mola Ram:

“For those of you following along at home, I tend to nickname my test blends after characters in Indiana Jones movies. Obviously with a name like Mola Ram, we are not talking a mild cigar. Of course the cigar will not acutally be named “Mola Ram” – that is why we have code names. The actual name will be something far less cool…case in point…

The cigar, tentatively named C-276, will be released sometime before IPCPR (July) although I have not set an exact date. It is also my most ambitious cigar project yet.”

According to Rewey, the cigar will contain five fillers, two ligeros, and a Habano Oscura wrapper.  The lagers would point to this cigar being a stronger cigar.

Rewey has been public that he was looking to add a stronger cigar into his portfolio.  Earlier this year, he unveiled his first Connecticut Shade Cigar – the Nomad Connecticut Fuerte.