Atabey by Selected Tobacco

United Cigar Retailers has announced that Selected Tobacco, which produces Nelson Alfonso’s cigar brands in Costa Rica including Atabey, Byron, and Bandolero will be available for new retailers at the 2014 IPCPR Trade Show in Las Vegas.

Over the past year, these brands have only been available to the 33 retail shops that were members of United Cigar Retailers, a group that offers continuing education to retail shop owners.

Due to limitations in the amount of cigars produced, the Selected Tobacco brands were limited.  With increased production, there are enough cigars to bring it to other retailers nationwide effective July 24th.

Alfonso started out as a graphic artist by trade, and was behind the branding of the famed Cohiba Behike.  In terms of his blends, Alfonso keeps the details a close secret. “I leave the tobaccos blends to the imagination of the smoker,” says Alfonso.

One of the three blends made by Alfonso, Atabey scored a 95 on Cigar Coop – one of our highest scoring cigars for 2013.