Photo Credit: Andre Farkas

Andre Farkas had one more surprise with his May 2014 shipment to retailers – another Skull and Bones limited release. The Viaje Skull and Bones Cloudmaker will introduce another 5 x 60 vitola into the line.

The Cloudmaker contains a secondary “Edicion Limitada”. Typically these releases have been very limited and have not done in multiple batches. This marks the second Skull and Bones to be an “Edicion Limitada”.  Last year the company released the Skull and Bones Big Ivan – also a 5 x 60 Skull and Bones.  The Cloudmaker is banded with a Skull and Bones white label while Big Ivan was banded with a Skull and Bones. As with all Viaje releases, they are small batch.

The name Cloudmaker refers to a bomb developed by the United States during the World War II period.

The release of the Cloudmaker will be part of a shipment of retailers that includes the Viaje Roman Candle 2014, the Viaje FOAB and MOAB 2014 releases, and the Viaje Zombie Antidote.