At the 2015 ProCigar Festival in the Dominican Republic, La Aurora Cigars will showcase an upcoming new installment of its Puro Vintage series. The La Aurora Puro Vintage Edicion Limitada 111 Aniversario will be showcased as a part of ProCigar’s annual charity auction.

This will be the fourth installment of the Puro Vintage series – and the first release of the Puro Vintage since 2013’s La Aurora Puro Vintage 2005. The concept behind the Puro Vintage series is that all of the tobaccos in the blend come from the same year it was harvested. The first three years (Puro Vintage 2003, 2004, and 2005) has featured a single vitola in the form of a salomon. However the cigars being showcased for the Puro Vintage 2006 will come in three sizes: Salomon (71/4 x 52/60), Preferidos (5 x 54), and Robusto Gordo (5 x 54).

The Puro Vintage 2005 was released in 2013 and banded as a 110th anniversary cigar for La Aurora.  The Puro Vintage 2006 is being dubbed an “Edicion Limitada 111 Aniversario”, but it is worth noting 2014 was La Aurora’s 111th anniversary.

The cigars in the auction will come in 18 count boxes for a total of 54 cigars. The boxes are reminiscent of the original La Aurora packaging from 1903.  Each of the boxes will be numbered as “0”. This auction item has a starting bid of $1,000.00 for the three box set.

This will be the eighth consecutive year ProCigar will have a charity auction with all proceeds benefitting the Voluntariado de Jesus con los Ninos and the Hospicio San Vicente de Paul, non-profit organizations which are dedicated to helping ill children and impoverished elders. The auction is scheduled for February 21st at the ProCigar gala event which takes place the final night of the festival.