Assessment Updates will be posted on this web-site to: 1) Assess “pre-review” cigars that were not given a rating or score (typically pre-release cigars); 2) Provide numeric ratings to cigars previously assessed prior to the implementation of the numeric scoring system; 3) Provide a re-assessment and re-score of a previously assessed/score cigars. Today, we re-assess Avo Limited Edition 2006 – Avo 88 with the version included in the Avo’s Greatest Hits Sampler. This was a cigar we assessed back in May, 2012 and again in March, 2014.

Avo Limited Edition 2006 – Avo 80th (Part of Avo’s Greatest Hits Sampler0

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Sun-Grown
Binder: Dominican
Filler; Dominican
Belicoso: 6 x 52
Country of Origin: Dominican Republic

The Avo Limited Edition series is a favorite among cigar enthusiasts.  The series was launched in 2001 and has followed each year with a different limited production release is done in a different size and a different blend.  The releases are timed around brand ambassador Avo Uvezian’s birthday (March).  Just prior to the 2014 IPCPR Trade Show a sampler of all of the releases (minus the 2005) called Avo’s Greatest Hits was announced.  Today we take a look at the Avo Limited Edition 2006 better known as the Avo 80th.

Avo Greatest Hits – Packaging


Avo Greatest Hits – Closed Box

In terms of the cigars included in the package some have had their blends reconstructed using the same tobaccos (The LE05 was not included because this the reconstruction of the blend could not be done to Master Blender Henke Kelner’s satisfaction).  It has not been disclosed whether or not the Avo 80th is from 2006, or if it has been reconstructed.

Avo Greatest Hits – Contents


Avo Greatest Hits – Close Up

The Avo Limited Edition 2006 was dubbed the Avo 80th in celebration of Uvezian’s 80th birthday.   The Avo 80th features a Ecuadorian Sun Grown wrapper over Dominican binder and filler. The cigar was released in a 6 x 52 belicoso. The size commemorates the first cigar shape made for Uvezian when he originally launched the Avo brand. Production was limited to 6,000 24 count boxes.

This is the third time on Cigar Coop we are taking a look at this cigar and each experience of smoking this cigar seems to deliver a different twist.  This time the cigar delivered notes of nut, grassy / herbal notes, bread, and black pepper.  There was also a very subtle citrus note that was present.  Like when I smoked this last time, I didn’t get the creaminess I did back in 2012.  This time around did produce more of those trademark Davidoff herbal / grassy flavors.

This Avo 80th still remained a medium strength, medium-bodied smoke.  Both attributes were at the same level as when I smoked it in March 2014.

Overall, I felt for whatever reason when I smoked this last year, it delivered the best overall smoking experience. The one that came with the sampler, was still very good and still is worthy of a fiver.


Burn: Excellent
Draw: Excellent
Complexity: Medium
Strength: Medium
Body: Medium
Finish: Excellent
Assessment: 3.0 – The Fiver
Score: 90 (Previous Scores: 5/12 – 89; 3/14 – 91)


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Assessment Update: Avo 80th (Avo LE 2006)
News: Avo’s Greatest Hits Sampler Features Limited Editions
Price:  $15.00 (2006 release), Sampler Price: ($224.00)
Source: Purchased
Stogie Geeks Podcast: Episode 58
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