Davidoff_Lison de Caunes_II

Back in March, we reported on a series of three humidors under Davidoff’s Masterpiece Collection called “Cave de Paille”. This is a project being done with Paris-based artist Lison de Caunes. It was in March when the first humidor, Saison I was unveiled at the Art Basel Show in Hong Kong. Recently the second installment Saison II was unveiled at the Art Basel Show in Basel, Switzerland.


Lison De Caunes

Saison II utilizes a design technique known as marqueterie de paille (straw marquetry). This involves crafting pieces of the humidor using straw. De Caunes is a master artist with this design technique. For the Davidoff Masterpiece Collection series, she drew inspiration between the tobacco and straw. The unit uses approximately 1000 sticks of straw, dried by the sun and tinted in color by de Caunes.

Davidoff_Lison de Caunes 2_oben


The three humidor set also is meant to trace through the timeline of a Davidoff Cigar. Saison II is inspired by the process aged tobaccos and often the dark and intense colors that result.  The Saison I captured the theme of the early stages of growing tobacco.  The planned Saison III, scheduled for launch in December at Art Basel, Miami is inspired by the final stages of the Davidoff timeline when one smokes a cigar.

Each unit measures 425 x 262 x 160mm. The humidors hold a capacity of 50 to 65 cigars. They feature a “Davidoff de Luxe” self-regulating system that absorbs and releases humidity as needed. The inside of the humidors are made with varnished okume-wood.

Pricing of the humidors will be $23,250.00 but includes a one year membership to the Hourglass Lounge Concierge service. There will be a limited quantity of the humidor. It will be available only at Davidoff Flagship Stores in the USA, Europe and Asia starting this month.

Photo Credits: Oettinger Davidoff AG