Davidoff of Geneva USA and Indianapolis, Indiana Blend Bar Cigar have announced a strategic partnership that will commence with the opening of a second Blend Cigar Bar location in, Nashville, TN later this year.  This new project marks the first time an Appointed Merchant will incorporate the “Davidoff of Geneva – since 1911” look and feel that has been seen with Davidoff Flagship stores.

Blend Cigar Bar opened in Indianapolis in 2013 and features 500+ square foot walk-in humidor as well as a full service bar and cocktail lounge. The company has been nominated for several Golden Band Awards and in 2015, won the award for Best Davidoff Performance for a Single Location.

In a press release announcing the partnership, Corey Johnston, President of Blend, stated “We are thrilled with our new and rare collaboration with Davidoff of Geneva USA. The Blend brand represents a luxury entertainment experience while Davidoff supplies the highest quality premium cigars in the world. This partnership will be reflected in our new branding, Blend Bar with Davidoff Cigars. The Blend experience is truly Luxury Redefined.”

Jim Young, President of Davidoff of Geneva USA, also commented “We are delighted to announce this special partnership between Blend Bar Cigar and Davidoff of Geneva USA. We are particularly excited to expand with Blend owners Corey Johnston, Kim Arbuckle and Mark Holden, who have been outstanding Davidoff partners for many years. They have a unique and very premium cigar bar concept and are an ideal partner for Davidoff as we seek to meet premium cigar consumers’ needs in selected markets across the country.”

The announcement continues the execution of Davidoff’s “Seed to Shop” strategy which has increased the company’s presence in branded retail locations.