While we often report of developments of new brands and products, we often don’t talk about developments of new tobacco.  Recently, Altadis USA has announced the development of a new hybrid seed called Yargüera.  This seed will be used to grow tobaccos out of Honduras and it is anticipated to be used in Altadis USA products in the future.

Yargüera is named for the tobacco farm in Honduras that will cultivate this seed.  The origins of this seed come from Cuba when in the 1960s the Arias family brought the original seed to Honduras.  The Arias family cultivated and produced tobacco from this seed.  However this was considered to be a a difficult crop to work with.  As a result, the Atladis’ Grupo de Maestros team worked to develop a hybrid seed by combining it with a Criollo 98 seed, which has heartier and more robusto qualities. By 2013, the wheels were put in motion and the new hybrid seed was planted at the Yargüera farm.

Altadis has not announced specific plans for using the tobacco at this time.