Dan Carr, who has served for the past five years as President of General Cigar Company is out of that position. While the company is expected to make a formal announcement next week,  Cigar Coop has confirmed through various sources close to the company that this move has taken place. Alan Willner, General Cigar Company’s Vice President of Marketing will be assuming the title of interim President.


Dan Carr, Photo Credit: General Cigar Company

Carr originally joined General Cigar in 1996 and quickly rose to Vice President of Sales. He moved over to Swedish Match in 1999 and by 2004 was the Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing. In 2005, Swedish Match acquired General Cigar where Carr would eventually serve again as Senior Vice President of Sales of Marketing. In 2010, he was named President of General Cigar.

During his tenure, he was oversaw the acquisition and integration of the Torano and Leccia Tobacco brands. He was oversaw the integration of CAO.

Carr also served as a member of the board of directors at Scandinavian Tobacco, the parent company of General.