Nat Sherman has unveiled new secondary bands for both of its blends under its Timeless Collection line.  The Timeless Collection has two distinct blends from two different countries. The Timeless Collection Dominican is a Dominican-made multi-national blend while the Timeless Collection Nicaragua is a Nicaraguan-made Nicaragua puro. Up until this point both cigars had the same iconic Nat Sherman clock logo band. Now Nat Sherman has added a secondary band to the clock logo band to make it easier for consumers to identify the cigars.  The Dominican made Timeless Collection will receive a red band while the Nicaraguan made Timeless Collection will receive a black one.

Timeless_Dom_Nic_band color_render

Top: Nat Sherman Timeless Hermoso (Dominican) with the red secondary band; Bottom: Nat Sherman Timeless 556 (Nicaragua) with the black secondary band


“With the introduction of these new secondary bands, the two distinct cigar lines of the Timeless Collection are further distinguished,” said Michael Herklots, Vice President of Retail and Brand Development at Nat Sherman in a press release. “Previously, the two cigar blends in the Timeless Collection have been visually identified by their rolling style, differentiating the round cigars of the Dominican made blend from the box-pressed cigars of the Nicaraguan made blend. The secondary bands, however, serve to make product recognition even easier.”

The Timeless Collection was introduced back in 2012 and was one of the first major projects undertaken by Herklots when he joined Nat Sherman. The company also said that project represented “a renewed and refocused energy for Nat Sherman.”

The blends and sizes are remaining the same.  The Dominican made Timeless Collection will still be made at Quesada Cigars and will continue to feature a Honduran wrapper, a Dominican binder, and a combination of Dominican and Nicaraguan fillers.  Meanwhile the Nicaraguan made Timeless Collection will still be made at Placencia Cigars and will continue to be an all-Nicaraguan puro in a box-pressed format.

The new bands have already begun to roll out to retailers nationwide.

Photo Credits: Nat Sherman