Maya Selva Cigars has unveiled its new branding for its Flor de Selva line. The new branding includes an updated logo, new box design, and a new footer band. The new branding will be showcased at the 2016 IPCPR Trade Show, but product featuring the new branding is expected to start to reach real shops in June.

The new logo still uses the Harvestress in the design, but now in a more prominent and elevated position. This logo will be on the new main band along with the name of the vitola. Meanwhile the footer band will have an updated signature and what is describes as “a tactile rendition of the ‘petite’, which is a Mayan symbol representing the ‘foundation’ or ‘base’ of a structure.”


New banding for Flor de Selva

The new logo will be stamped on the boxes, which use traditional cedar packaging. Like the previous packaging the name of the vitola and box count will be included on the box.


The elegant, traditional cedar packaging boxes will be stamped with the new logo and will continue the tradition of earlier versions which include the name of each vitola and its box count.

The Flor de Selva brand is the oldest in the Maya Selva Cigars portfolio. It has been in existence for 21 years. The line has both Connecticut Shade and Maudor options.

Back in April, Maya Selva Cigars unveiled its new branding for its Cumpay line.

Photo Credits: Maya Selva Cigars