Agile Cigar Reviews replace what we termed “Assessment Updates”. The concept is the same, but the name is different. Agile Cigar Reviews use a lightweight, shorter format. These will never take the place of our comprehensive reviews. They are only used on blends we have previously assessed. This might be a blend we are re-scoring or providing a score for a first time. It might be a blend we are looking at in a different size. Today we look at the Leaf by Oscar Maduro Lancero This is a cigar we previously did an assessment in the Toro size back in December, 2013.


Wrapper: Nicaraguan Maduro
Binder: Honduran
Filler: Honduran
Country of Origin: Honduras (Oscar Valladares Tobacco & Co.Factory)
Lancero: 7 x 40

Back in December 2013, we first took a look at the Leaf by Oscar Maduro, one of four blends in the Leaf by Oscar series. At the time, the Leaf by Oscar was being sold as a house cigar at Jim Robinson’s Leaf and Bean stores. Today the product distributed has exploded nationwide and it is not uncommon to find these stores in your local brick and mortar. The packaging of the Leaf by Oscar cigars is one of the signature items of this cigar – namely the cigar comes wrapped in a tobacco leaf as opposed to cellophane. Last Fall, Robinson announced he was producing a limited production Leaf by Oscar Lancero for the four blends. Today we look at of those offerings, the Leaf by Oscar Maduro Lancero.


Back when he set out to make his House Cigars, Robinson opted to work with three young blenders who all seem to be on the uprise. Each of the three blenders ended by producing a House Cigar for him. These cigars included Leaf and Bean by Esteban (blended by Esteban Disla of Nica Sueno), Leaf and Bean by Noel (blended by Noel Rojas of Guayacan), and Leaf by Ocar (blended by Oscar Valladares). The Leaf by Oscar ended up going national and is the only one available in four blends (Maduro, Sumatra, Connecticut, and Corojo). The offerings by Disla and Rojas do not feature the tobacco leaf packaging.

The Leaf by Oscar Maduro consists of a Nicaraguan Jalapa Maduro wrapper over Honduran binder and fillers. The Lancero actually is the third vitola in this line. Leaf by Oscar Maduro also has the Toro and Gordo offerings. In addition the company’s Big Johnny offering, a massive 8 x 66 oas the massive 21 x 100 event only “The Woody by Oscar” are based off the Leaf by Oscar Maduro blend.

The Lancero delivers notes of mocha, leather, cedar, white pepper, and a subtle honey-like sweetness. The honey-like sweetness keeps true to the blend as this is something that I derived from smoking the Toro size. The flavors delivered are medium-bodied.  Strength-wise, the lancero started out medium, but in the second half, the strength carried into medium to full territory. I did find the strength had the edge over the body in the second half, but the equilibrium was not completely off-balance.

Overall, the Leaf by Oscar Maduro Lancero is a fine offering. It’s a cigar I’d probably position more for an experienced cigar enthusiast, but by no means would I discourage a novice from trying it. In my book this one rates as a box split.


Burn: Excellent
Draw: Excellent
Complexity: Medium
Strength: Medium (1st Half), Medium to Full (2nd Half)
Body: Medium
Finish: Excellent
Assessment: 3.5- Box Split
Score: 91


Original Assessment: Leaf by Oscar Maduro (Toro)
News: Leaf by Oscar Lancero
Price: $8.00
Source: Cigars Provided by Manufacturer
Stogie Geeks Podcast: Episode 84, Southern Cigar Festival: Jim Robinson, Oscar Valladares
Stogie Feed: Leaf by Oscar Maduro (Toro)
Brand Reference: Leaf by Oscar