The Jack Torano era at Duran Cigars has come to an end. This afternoon, Torano announced on his Facebook page that he was departing Duran Cigars.

Torano is best known for his tenure at Torano Famly Cigars where he served as Marketing and Customer Relations Manager. Following the September 2014 sale of the Torano brands  to General Cigar, Torano joined Duran Cigars as a Marketing and Sales Manager.

On a Statement on his Facebook page Torano said, “As of today, my time at Duran Cigars has come to an end. I want to thank Roberto for the opportunity he gave me in late 2014. I’m very proud of where we have taken this brand in a very short time. I also want to give thanks to all the great customers that followed me over to Duran and all the new ones that have come onboard and helped build this brand. Your loyalty is appreciated more than you can imagine.”

Torano did not elaborate on his future plans, but did say, “My love for this industry will not keep me away for long so this is not a goodbye, more like a see you soon.”