The 2016 IPCPR Trade Show is going to be a busy one for Espinosa Cigars, and this year the company is going to throw a couple of curveballs. Plans are for Espinosa Cigars to add a vanilla-infused cigar into its lineup called @zucar. While adding an infused cigar, this still might be a surprise to Espinosa fans. The other curveball is that this cigar will not be coming out of the company’s La Zona factory in Nicaragua, but out of a factory in the Dominican Republic.

The @zucar is actually pronounced “azucar” – which is the Spanish word for sugar. It is being launched in three sizes: Canita (5 x 30), Corona (6 x 44), and Cana (5 x 50). Each of the three sizes will be available in 25 count boxes.