While Gurkha introduced its new Gurkha Heritage Maduro offering at the 2016 IPCPR Trade Show, there are some other changes that were introduced to the line as whole – including the current Gurkha Heritage Habano offering.

Two new sizes are being added as regular production offerings in the Gurkha Heritage Habano. First up, there will be a new Robusto Corto 4 1/2 x 48 size in the Habano line. This is a size that was announced when details surfaced on the new Gurkha Heritage Maduro line.

Secondly, the Gurkha Heritage Habano Prince is now a regular production offering. The Prince is a 5 x 58 figurado offering that was previously only available as an event only cigar. After many requests from customers, the Prince will now be a regular production offering in the Habano line. It will be sold in ten count boxes.


Gurkha also introduced a new limited edition humidor for Gurkha Heritage line. The humidor will be feature 20 Gurkha Heritage Toro-Sized cigars – ten Habano and ten Maduro.


Finally, there is a box count change being made to the Gurkha Heritage Habano line. Last year when the Heritage Habano was introduced, it was sold in 35 count boxes. This year, both the Habano and Maduro offerings in the Gurkha Heritage will now be solid in 24 count boxes with the exception of the Prince which will be sold in 10 count boxes. According to Gurkha Director of Marketing Eddy Guerra, the move was made in order to drive more box sales in the line.

Photo Credits: Cigar Coop