Ciguardian, an Arizona-based company that produces cigar humidification solutions has announced it is implementing an effective date to its PG (Propylene Glycol) and gel jar products.

“For years, traditional PG based humidification solution and gel jars have been the most reliable and economical choice”, said Belinda Doyle, Owner of Ciguardian Products in a press release. “Whether the retailer buys our product or someone else’s, the question of when it was made and how long it will last should be asked. There needs to be an effective date on the packaging telling the retailer and consumer that the product will do it’s job”.

The company says its PG and gel jar products will now be implemented with effective dates of 18 months from the date of manufacture. Ciguardian self-manufactures its products weekly, and by doing this retailers carry its products ensure that they will receive fresh stock.

Ciguardian Products is doing just that. Any PG Solutions and gel jars will be shipped with Effective dates of 18 months from date of manufacture. In addition to being the only company that self manufactures these products, Ciguardian products manufactures weekly. The retailers always receive fresh stock.

With its PG solutions, the company says Propylene Glycol biodegrades quickly when mixed with water, thus the 18 month period will ensure maximum efficiency when using the product.

Ciguardian is standing by its products and is offering to exchange stock not sold by the labeled effective date. The company also says it will work with retailers to ensure they have fresh stock for the end of year holidays by offering restock specials.

“We believe that by not overselling the retailer, you are also taking care of their customer.” added Doyle.