Arizona-based Ciguardian products has announced a second size for its humidification pouches. Today the company announced the new Ciguardian C150 Fat Pack. This is a larger offering to the standard size Ciguardian humidification pouch that was launched earlier this year.

The new C150 Fat Pack measures 150 to 155 grams. It is designed to humidify up to 150 cigars and last for about 60 days. Pricing is set at $5.50 SRP per pouch.

“I have a belief that reliable and economical cigar humidification will result in more cigar sales. Smokers will feel confident about storing cigars without breaking the bank”, said Belinda Doyle, Owner of Ciguardian Products. “This is the reason we created our disposable pouch line and our new Ciguardian C150 Fat Packs”.

“The greatest part of this line is the fact that they are chemical free and the pH level is the same as water. They are also long lasting.” added Doyle. “We are launching new sizes and humidity levels, as when there are no chemical additives and thickening agents, the appropriately sized pouch and wicking must be used.”

The company also announced it will be launching humidification minis. These will be designed for lower humidification levels designed for pipe and herb humidification. The first size will be geared for Kretek tobacco and be a part of the HumiLogic line.