The Colibri Slide, a new lighter that was introduced at the 2016 IPCPR Trade Show has now hit the stores.

The unique feature of the Colibri Slide is the new single action “push up” system. To ignite the flame on the lighter, this simply involves pushing up with the thumb. This moves the housing for the flame system away from your hand – allowing the flame to have unobstructed exposure and therefore making cigar lighting easier.

The Colbiri Slide features a double-jet pyramid wind resistant flame. The lighter also has an easy to read blue fuel level window. In addition, there is an integrated 7mm cigar punch that is a part of the lighter. The Slide is available in five color options: Black, Red + Black, Blue + Black, Black + Brushed Chrome, and Brushed Chrome + Black.

Pricing for the Colibri Slide is at $59.00.

Photo Credit: Colibri