Programming Note

As many know we had Willy Herrera, Master Blender of Drew Estate scheduled. While we did have the show confirmed earlier in the day, the after-effects of the recent hurricane in Miami caused Willy to have to cancel last-minute. We understand the challenges this storm has had, and we will work to get Willy rescheduled. We were thrilled to get Nate McIntyre as literally an 11th hour fill-in.  We thank our audience for their patience.

This week Nate McIntyre of Miami Cigar Company joined us for Epsiode 21 of the Prime Time Show. Nate was a last-minute fill-in, but certainly brought his “A” game to the table. Nate is an industry veteran and is currently transitioning into his new role as Miami Cigar and Company’s Marketing Coordinator. He caught us up on all of the happenings at Miami Cigar – which had an exciting 2017 IPCPR Trade Show.

We kicked off the show talking a little hurricane talk as well as the recent vote by the House of Representatives passing an Appropriations Bill that includes a premium cigar exemption. Our Ddebonaire Ideal segment also “Talks about the Weather” and in our deliberation Segment, we talk about discontinued cigar brands.

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