At the XX Habanos Festival in Havana Cuba, Habanos S.A. announced that the Romeo y Julieta brand will have an Edicíon Limitada in a size known as the Tacos.

Typically the Tacos vitola has been seen in Habanos as a double figurado measuring 158 mm x 47 (6 1/4 x 47). The Romeo y Julieta Edition Limitada 2018 Tacos is a parejo measuring 168 mm x 49 (6 2/3 x 49) – which is actually based on another vitola in the Habanos portfolio known as Tacos Imperiales.

Romeo y Julieta Edicíon Limitada 2018 Tacos

The Romeo y Julieta Edicíon Limitada 2018 will be presented in 25-count boxes.

For 2018,Edicíon Limitada releases are also slated for the Bolivar and H. Upmann brands. Edicíon Limitada cigars are limited edition cigars released by Habanos S.A. on an annual basis. These releases are typically in a never-before-released size of a particular brand. Each year, Habanos S.A. rotates which brand will receive an Edicíon Limitada cigar. All Edición Limitada cigars utilize wrapper, binder and filler that have been aged for not less than two years.

Photo Credit: Habanos S.A.