Prime Time Jukebox

On Episode 7 of Prime Time Jukebox, we present our first Album Archaeology show. On this episode we cover Dave’s favorite album, The Rolling Stones “Let It Bleed.”

Much like an archaeologist digs and hunts for gems, on Album Archaeology we do the same on the “Let It Bleed” album. We go deep looking at the music, lyrics, and stories behind each track on the album.

Plus we look back at the career of the late Bill Withers, and have the New Music 45 segment.

The Spotify playlist for the show tonight can be found here.

Standalone Playlist for Let It Bleed can be found here.

New Music 45

  • Side A: Tones and I: Bad Child
  • Side B: Chika: Songs About You
  • Podcast to Check Out Strong Songs
  • Will’s Bonus: Rick Beato’s YouTube Channel

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