Photo Credit: Viaje Cigar Company

This past week Viaje’s authorized retailers have begun receiving a new two-blend known as Black and White. While the “Black” blend features a Maduro wrapper, it’s the “White” blend that Viaje cigar enthusiasts may be most interested in as it contains a Connecticut Shade wrapper. This marks the first national release of the Connecticut Shade wrapped blend by Viaje.

The concept between Viaje Black and White is based on the Black and White Cookie. An argument has been whether to eat the black (chocolate) side or white (vanilla) side first. In the end, the two sides of the cookie are meant to complement each other. With the Viaje Black and White, it uses a similar concept – you can either smoke the Black (Maduro) first or Connecticut (White) first. In either case, the two cigars are meant to complement each other.

Black and White Cookie (Public Domain Photo)

Viaje hasn’t disclosed much about the blend details aside from the wrappers.  Both the Black and White cigars are 6 3/4 x 52 figurados and each is packaged in 24 count cylinders.

Prior to the Viaje Black and White, Viaje had not released a Connecticut Shade cigar – although just prior to the Black and White. one was released as a shop exclusive under the White Label Project (WLP) series.