Bugatti Group, the accessories company that is based in Sunrise, Florida, has reported a major burglary at its company headquarters during the weekend of August 29-30, 2020. The theft included thousands of Bugatti Torch Lighters and Butane.

Bugatti Group is asking the cigar community for support during this time. It is asking customers to buy from only Bugatti authorized retailers and if there is evidence of fraudulent sales offers to report it to the company.

The following is a communication from Bugatti in regards to the burglary:

To our Retailers, Partners, and fellow Cigar Family,

It is with great distress that we must report a significant burglary occurred at our Bugatti Group HQ in Sunrise, Florida. Over the weekend of August 29-30, 2020, individuals executed a well-planned theft and forced themselves into our warehouse. They stole thousands of our Bugatti Torch Lighters and older BOSS lighters, over 27,000 cans of the 18ml Butane Pods, thousands of our regular 100 & 300ml sized Butane cans, and other miscellaneous high-value items. Although we’re still able to service our clients, the thieves stole a tremendous portion of our inventory. This is a heartbreaking situation for us, especially at a time when small businesses like ours are most fragile.

At this time we’re reaching out to our retailers and the cigar community, to ask that you keep an eye out for sales offers of our Bugatti Products, possibly at discounted prices, as these may be stolen goods. Our hope is that if they are spotted by a retailer or consumer, the “sellers’ ” contact information will be obtained and then reported to us. The Bugatti Torch Lighters and Butane products are available and distributed only by our team, here in Sunrise, Florida. All legitimate Bugatti Group transactions are ONLY processed and handled by our Office Manager, De’Anna Jenkins, or myself the CEO, Yuval Hadaya, and are at the regular wholesale price. As we’ve limited our sales outreach since COVID began, any discounted sales offer including Bugatti products will likely be fraudulent. We have appointed Reputable Sales Representatives in your area that you most likely recognize. Please be sure to only do business with our authorized reps. We also ask all of our retailers to provide their customers with a receipt with their lighter purchase so that we know it’s a legitimate purchase in case of warranty or service claims. We will continue working towards our next production which will be available in the next few months. We greatly appreciate the amazing support we’ve received this year from coast to coast and we look forward to building and strengthening those friendships over the coming years.