JRE Tobacco Company has become the latest cigar company in the Miami, Florida area to be hit with a major burglary. Over the weekend, the company’s warehouse was broken into and the entire inventory was stolen.

“This has taken an emotional toll on us as 2020 continues to hurt all of us,” commented Vivian F. Eiroa, General Manager of JRE Tobacco.

The robbery occurred by the thieves cutting through the roof of the warehouse. The burglary also resulted in the company alarm system, internet, and phone lines being cut off. JRE Tobacco is in the process of getting everything back on line.

The company is asking its retailers to not purchase any JRE products that do not come from its authorized representatives or the office. Brands include Aladino, Tatascan, and Rancho Luna.

JRE Tobacco continues to work with local authorities on the investigation. At the same time, JRE Tobacco is working with its factory in Honduras to restock its inventory. In the meantime, JRE is still taking orders and will work to fulfill them as soon a possible.