Tonight, we take a journey back to the cigar version of Mount Rushmore. This is the fourth installment of this series. Previously, we have done Drew Estate, Rocky Patel, and Davidoff editions This time Bear and Coop will be looking at their candidates from E.P. Carrillo to fill the four spots on this historic momument

Plus, we have our One Must Go, and our Great Things are Happening Segments. We also have a very special Montecristo Epic giveaway from Tabacalera USA. Tune into the show live and if you answer the question correctly, you will be eligible to win this prize pack!

All of this on the newsmagazine show for the cigar industry – Prime Time Special Edition. Tune in on Facebook Live for the live stream – 9:15 pm EST, 8:15 pm CST. Please also bookmark our schedule to keep track on the list of upcoming shows.

Photo Credits: Cigar Coop