Limitless Cigar Company, a new cigar brand, has announced that a cannabinoid-infused premium cigar will be its first offering. The cigar is scheduled to hit the market in January 2022. As a part of its launch, the company also announced it has hired premium cigar industry veteran Todd Vance as its National Sales Director.

“Our mission is to forge a cultural partnership between cigar sophistication and CBG-CBN wellness,” stated company co-founder Dan Nero in a press release.

In hiring Vance, Nero noted, “Todd is the natural choice for us, given his long history of building new cigar brands in the industry. He represents the integrity and work ethic that we want associated with our brand.”

According to the company, Limitless cigars will be made from elite premium cigar materials from the best tobacco farms. The company’s goal is to deliver a world-class, top-shelf cigar with the added benefits of increased focus and sublime relaxation.

“It is a tall order indeed,” said Vance, “but if you are smoking a cigar to relax, then shouldn’t you smoke a cigar that is truly relaxing?”

“Limitless cigars represent the best and brightest in terms of tobacco and technology. After over a thousand years of cigar-making, only within the past 20 years have cigars truly experienced an evolution in flavor, tobacco selections, sizes, and manufacturing styles. Limitless cigars represent the natural progression and the next wave of great cigars. Join us on our journey and embrace the evolution of cigars,” stated Vance.

Vance is best known for sales and business development at companies such as AJ Fernandez Cigar Company, Cornelius & Anthony, La Familia Robaina, Padilla Cigars, and most recently Stallone Cigars.