Tonight we have another edition of The Smoking Syndicate Roundtable. This is where we get a group of media folks (and perhaps in some cases other folks from the industry) together to smoke and review a single cigar. We will broadcast a live stream of the group smoking – and then package a condensed version to watch after the show.

This week, we bring together four of the six members of the Cigar Coop team to smoke the Rocky Patel Winter Collection. This includes Ben Lee, Bear Duplisea, Erron Nielsen, and Will Cooper.

This will be live-streamed off The Smoking Syndicate Facebook page. We will be broadcasting in place of Bear Duplisea’s El Oso Fumar Takes Show for this one week. This is not a regularly scheduled time, and as mentioned El Oso Fumar Takes returns next week. The broadcast starts 10:30pm EDT or 9:30pm CDT.