HumidifGroup USA has announced it is introducing Smart Packaging technology. In conjunction with the announcement, HumidifGroup USA announced that Ferio Tego cigar company will be the first implementing this technology. Through the use of Smart Packaging, a tap of an iPhone on the cigar box will open up a browser that will provide the user with information, videos, and education related to the product. This technology is implemented through an NFC chip embedded with a cigar or cigar accessory.

Earlier this year, Plasencia Cigars worked with LegacySecure that introduced a smart chip on a cigar band that via a smartphone could access information about a cigar.

In a press release Michael Herklots, Principal of Ferio Tego Cigars said: “Smart Packaging by HumidifGroup allows us to control our messaging and ensure that we are communicating clearly to our audience. Packaging is an important part of the Ferio Tego Experience. Smart packaging technology allows collectors to receive real-time information and communication about Ferio Tego and our products. Our retail partners work tirelessly to run their businesses, a challenge made only greater these last 18 months. Smart packaging allows us to assist them, keeping the most helpful details and stories of Ferio Tego right on the product itself, delivered straight to a smart phone.”

Photo/Video Credits: HumidifGroup USA